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Story & map

What we know so far

More is lost than found…
“What we know is that centuries ago a prosperous civilization suddenly collapsed after a monstrous conflict which ravaged the lands leaving them unfertile, scarred, devastated. The edges of the continent shifted, the grounds shook and collided. A mass extinction left all corners of the world almost lifeless…but from the ashes, an animal arose - the FOX. No one knows how many generations passed but with time Foxiz managed to became sentient. They gathered in small tribes, building societies and soon forging settlements, some more fortunate - even cities. Foxiz learned to build, to craft, to harness the land and hunt ever so swift.
But the Barren lands of the continent never recovered from The Great Collapse and became even harsher. In order to survive a fox stayed in its tribe, building strong tribal connections and a sense of belonging. Slowly, after decades past, they mastered their surroundings, heavily adapting to the specific regions they inhabited. This led to the very well-defined borders of the Barren Lands and the regions foxy tribes inhabit today.
Becoming territorial, suspicious and protective of their native culture – Foxiz engaged with their own kin and rarely with others, only for essential trade.
But that which was fundamental for a fox was not broken – curiosity, the free spirit prevailed! And a new fox kind was born – one which knows no boundaries, no tribe border, free to explore, free to carve a path in history. We now know them as Rogues – they who journey far into the Barren lands - mapping the continent, logging time, telling stories of different fox cultures. Many heroes, some foes - these brave Foxiz journey in order to find that which is most sacred - The Lost Artifacts - the key to The Lost Fox History…”
From the written words of Vulp The Great - he who first logged the four corners of the continent - travelling the Great beyond, first crossing the Towers of Shadow, surviving the Forest of tricks and discovering the lost pink Foxiz of the Dim caves. He was the original Rogue - a fox of no tribe, free to roam the land.


Maps of The Barren Lands (a.k.a The Foxy Continent) highlighting different geo distribution, map areas and foxy tribe population.
For decades now the Rogues have roamed The Barren Lands. They gathered in guilds and acquired knowledge of the world and its history. Thanks to them we now have a map of The Continent and the shape of its borders. Today even little Foxiz can learn about the hidden villages of the Cheetah Foxiz, the pink hairs of the Dim Cave Foxiz and the blue eyes of the Sharp valley nomads, once considered a myth.
Map areas and their borders along with indicators for major villages
Areas of The Barren Lands documented by The Rogue Foxiz along with information of the tribes that populate them ->
Most common Foxiz:
The Orange Foxiz are the biggest of all tribes and are spread widely throughout The Windy plains and The Rocky Hills. Right on the boarder between the two areas stands the city of Vulp-gard – said to be the biggest and most impressive fox settlement of all!
The Brown Foxiz inhabit a labyrinth of swap vegetation in the region of The Reeky Swamps. It is said that their cities, built in the branches of the swamp trees, interlink and stretch for miles.
The Grey Foxiz live high up – on the peeks of The High Mountain range which stretches across the Continent. The High Mountains are split in three - Upper HM, Middle HM and Lower HM as one moves from North to South.
One can find the Tricoloured Foxiz hidden deep into the tick woods of The Tricky Forest region. These are ancient forests stretching for miles, full of mysteries.
Not so easy to spot:
Red Foxiz are a rare sight, almost like a mirage amongst the dunes of The Vast Dessert. This region is huge, mainly unpopulated but rich in deposits of rare minerals and materials.
It is now common knowledge that The Arctic Foxiz build great ice settlements in the North region known as The Arctic Frost - the harshest and most unforgiving area of The Continent. Beyond it lies the dead space of The Great Ice Sea.
The Camouflage Foxiz have built their villages between the sharp, piercing branches of The Bamboo Maze. One can easily get lost and fall prey to the dangers of the maze.
Absolutely epic to see:
Traversing the wasteland of The Sharp Valleys, amongst the razor sharp rocks, The Blue Foxiz have learned not only to survive but also prosper from their knowledge of the region.
Hidden in the dark, steam filled Dim Caves, the Pink Foxiz learn to read the shadows on the wall. They were discovered by Vulp The Great – the first Rogue, who described their strange rituals.
Deep down, to the South of The Continent, on a small piece of land, between the branches of the huge palms, one must prey not to see the eyes of the notorious Cheetah Foxiz who inhabit The Tropical Savannah.
Foxy tribes and population spread on the map
It is said that somewhere amongst the highs and lows of the continent one can still find never before seen Foxiz…The Uniques!