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Social Hub

Vulpgard overview

The main starting area that players will spawn into is Vulpgard, the capital of the Windy Plains, and one of the main cities in the Barren Lands. While this is the first Social Hub, there will eventually be at least one of these in each area.
Each Social Hub will support 100+ players making it the main social area. At the moment of writing this whitepaper, this area is built and supports 20 players in the same space.

Key features

Already built

  • NFT integration - Genesis Fox NFTs holders can run around as their fox
  • Multiplayer functionality - up to 20 people in the same space
  • Chat - players can go up to each other and chat via chat bubbles
  • Emoji reactions - 5 different animated emoji reactions to choose from
  • NPC - non-player characters with a dialogue
  • Mini-quests - multiple mini-quests
  • Safe Area - the whole of Vulpgard is a safe area; players can't get killed here

Yet to build

  • Trading Area - both player to player and NPC vendors
  • NFT Marketiplace - for Genesis NFTs, In-game NFTs, and NFTs of Partners