🎮Early Community Rewards

Ways for the community to take part of the token economy

Anyone who has been around in our Rogues community in Discord knows about the infamous RGS. However, if you're new, here's more information about what it is, and what it means for the ecosystem.

💡 RGS will convert to $RGS token at token launch, at 1:1 conversion.

What is RGS?

RGS is our in-Discord virtual currency.

Our community members get RGS through helping out the community as an ambassador, or taking part in games and competitions.

How do you get RGS?

  1. Be a Brand Ambassador or help the team ad-hoc

  2. Reach top ranks in our Zealy Questing Leaderboard (when open)

  3. Participate in competitions or other - art, story & more

What does RGS get you?

There are multiple benefits to earning RGS!

  1. Your RGS will convert into $RGS tokens (for the top 30 on leaderboard)

  2. RGS can eventually be traded for in-game items, or in competitions

  3. Your RGS will be transferred to you in-game

  4. In the RGS Marketplace you can exchange RGS for:

    1. Our NFTs - in-game or avatars or others

    2. Other Collection NFTs

    3. Rogues Merch items & discounts

    4. Partner Discounts

    5. Partner WLs & other bonuses

RGS conversion to $RGS 🔥🔥🔥

At the point of token launch, we will convert your RGS into the token generated, $RGS. 🔥

All of the above should serve as a reminder and an informational piece to communicate that the RGS will have a place in our ecosystem.

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