$RGS stands for Rogues token. It is designed to be used as our game utility token.

Token Overview

It is essential for the day-to-day economics of World of Rogues since it is needed to convert an item in our game into an on-chain asset. This has various benefits. It means that players that have no interest in the blockchain aspects of the game can still play and own game items but blockchain enthusiasts can convert their in-game items into NFTs that can then be easily traded. Additionally, converting the item into an NFT enables it to be easily used by multiple avatars within the same account, immediately making it more valuable. Controlling the $RGS cost of this conversion is a key parameter in maintaining a healthy economic environment. Lowering it will encourage more conversions, increase the gameโ€™s $RGS treasury and promote trading. Increasing it will raise NFT game item values and slow trading.

Token Velocity

Another important aspect of a healthy economy is token velocity. Many of our game items are designed to only be valuable during a certain period of a playerโ€™s game journey. i.e. We have axes that can only cut down trees in the starter zones but cannot cut down trees found in more advanced zones. This means that beginners are in the market for a better starter axe but quickly outgrow it and will want to sell it to another beginner once they move on to the more advanced zones. Hence these items have a high velocity leading to a vibrant economy and healthy incomes from taxes on trading.

Read more about the plans to distribute the $RGS token in Token distribution

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