Release plans, and more

We are thrilled to share with all of you our roadmap for the Heroes of the Flow game release.

Release schedule

Stage 1: Alpha testing (Android) ✔️ Date: 06 November Open to: Genesis holders, VIP and Epic Hero Discord roles (emails needed)

Stage 2: Closed Beta testing (Android & iOS) ✔️ Date: End of November Open to: All Heroes of the Flow & Rogues Holders (emails needed)

Stage3: Open Beta Testing & Micro-releases (Android & iOS) Date: January - February Open to: Everyone Stage 4: Publish on Google Play (Android) Date: March Open to: Everyone

Stage 5: Publish on Apple Store (iOS) Date: March Open to: Everyone Stage 6: Post-public launch improvements & new content (both platforms) Date: March onwards

  • 1st additional themed pack

  • 2nd additional themed pack

  • Cosmetics in-game (i.e. minion hats)

  • Your legendary minion becomes a pet in the World of Rogues game!

… and more - we always do more than we say, and come up with new utility ideas for our holders!

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