Our portfolio of products
Our Rogues ecosystem will expand beyond games, to education and infrastructure (TBA).

World of Rogues

Our flagship game, “World of Rogues”, is a post-apocalyptic social MMORPG utilizing blockchain technology to give players ownership of the assets they get while playing. World of Rogues allows Genesis NFT holders to play as their NFT avatar while gathering resources, fishing, crafting, fighting and questing alone or with friends. Land ownership, additional NFT avatars from other collections, and loan-2-earn mechanics will be added to the game.
Currently open to play daily at 12PM UTC & 8PM UTC.
Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI8hX6G2IoA
Currently open to play daily at 12PM UTC & 8PM UTC to selected players. Apply to play: http://t.ly/jZQfC Play on: https://game.rogues.studio/

Heroes of the Flow

Heroes of the Flow is a mobile auto-battler, and a winner in the 1st ever Flow Blockchain hackathon. We're also been selected to the first cohort of the Flow Blockchain Incubation Pilot to take part with Heroes of the Flow. The game will integrated into the Rogues ecosystem.

Rogues Education

Our educational pipeline of courses in game development.
Led by co-founder Morgan, who has more than 104,000 students on Udemy, this is a natural route for expansion and acquisition of new community members and players.