Chains & L2s supporting us

We've received support and have already built pproduct on three blockchains / layer 2s:


We've had early support on Polygon and have been building on it since the beginning. Since early 2022, we’ve been early supporters and knew that Polygon will grow to be a key solution for gaming and beyond. In 2023, Polygon gained momentum because of its compelling low gas fees, and a few NFT collections and games have moved to Polygon.

⭐ We received a grant from Polygon (early 2022).


We launched on NEAR's Mainnet in April 2023.

⭐ We received a grant from the NEAR Foundation (end of 2022). Hear one of our AMAs with NEAR Foundation here. ⭐ Our co-founder, Morgan Page, built Unity SDK for NEAR integration, and created a popular course on how to add the NEAR blockhain to a game.

⭐ We took part in the NEAR Horizon Accelerator - the 1st ever cohort of the accelerator backed by the NEAR Foundation.


Our second game, Heroes of the Flow, is solely on Flow, and received support from Flow. ⭐ We became a winner in the 1st ever Flow Blockchain hackathon.

⭐ We took part of the Flow Blockchain Incubation Pilot.

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