Heroes of the Flow

Our 2nd game, built on the Flow Blockchain
Heroes of the Flow is a mobile autobattler based in the post-apocalyptic World of Rogues. This is our 2nd game in development, built on the FLOW Blockchain.
Winner in the 1st Flow Blockchain Hackathon
Part of the 1st ever Flow Blockchain Incubation Pilot
Receiving support directly from the Flow team (Dapper Labs), and Flow ecosystem partners
Minted out in 20 minutes
Reached top 10 trending projects on Flowverse marketplace
An MVP of the game was created in just 7 days by co-founders Morgan and Anna. Here's the original video from the hackathon (please note that the the video below uses the old art style from the hackathon). Read about our further game development work, collectibles, and release roadmap in the next few sections.